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When you log in you will enter our Services front page, with your profile information at the top of the page.

Here you will find recent news from Kairos Commodities, selected articles from our newsletter, as well as opinion pieces on current events relevant to commodity markets . Additionally, the page shows an overview of the current short and long run trends for all our commodities.

The Services front page also shows the four main elements of Kairos.

You can always switch between our services site and our main site by using the link in the top left corner after having logged in.


In the services site, the Forecast section contains our commodity and currency analyses and forecasts.

Click on "Forecast" and then choose any commodity of interest to access the individual analysis.

All our commodity analyses include an overview, a technical- and business cycle analysis, while most also contain a fundamental analysis. These individual parts are described more in detail in the forecast section of the help-pages.


The Macro section presents an analysis of the current economic conditions in the global and regional markets.

It considers both the short-term and the long-term trends in the Global PMI, along with a comparative analysis of the Global, American and Chinese PMIs.

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