Privacy Policy

Treatment of personal data

Kairos Commodities A/S (Kairos) collects personal data under the framework of existing legislation and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The data you provide us with, will be stored under the current legislation, for example, by complying with accounting and marketing legislation.

The collection of your data serves several different purposes:

- Obligations: to uphold our obligations to you as a customer, for example, purchase, billing and customer service.

- Customer service: in order to perform customer service, such as answering questions regarding your order or previous orders, fixing mistakes and guidance, via the web, email or phone.

- Marketing: telling you about offers that we think you might find relevant.

- Satisfaction guarantee: to improve your experience when participating in events, courses or conferences.

- Regulation: to comply with current legislation.


Kairos collects data about you through different data sources and categories with the purpose of improving your experience using Kairos and in order to customize individual offers and services.

Info mails

As a customer or contact you have registered to receive our info mails, which you receive approximately twice a month. By downloading our material, you automatically sign up to our info mails, which you will receive similarly to the abovementioned. The mails are sent via a third-party software, which complies with GDPR’s requirements for data protection. You can at any moment decline to receive these mails, by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of the mail.

Access to data as well as changes, updates or removal of data

As a customer or contact you have the right to access the data categories that have been collected about you, and you can object towards the registration of this data in regard to the relevant legislation in the EU’s GDPR. A relevant request will lead us to update, change or remove personal data, which we control, subject to violation of legislation.

We reserve the right to reject requests, which without reason are repeated, require unreasonable amount of technical interference (for example, the development of a new system or a significant change of existing processes) or affect other individual’s personal data. All requests regarding this issue should be directed at us by writing an email to

Upon 12 month inactivity from a user connected to a company subscription, we will contact the user. If the user fails to respond, we will proceed by deleting their user account.

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