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Kairos Commodities is a leading-edge provider of commodity market intelligence and commodity risk management. We serve procurement functions, sales functions, and management teams globally on a daily basis, with valid advice and insights on commodity price trends. Our analyses enable customers to accurately forecast price developments in the commodity markets in which they operate, thus making them able to minimize their exposure to commodity and currency risks. More concretely, Kairos Commodities provides valid commodity and currency price trend forecasts that explicitly express recommendations on how to move forward in the various markets.

Kairos Commodities’ online services were launched in 2007, and Kairos Commodities was incorporated as an independent company in 2009. The online platform provides clients with advanced tools within cost and risk management, a wide range of highly valuable market information and price forecasts with a very high reliability.

Kairos Commodities’ methodology and consistent updates ensure that our clients have a thorough understanding of key price change drivers. We function as a strong partner both for companies that need validation for their risk management decisions and initiatives as well as for companies that lack resources, specific skills or sophisticated risk management capabilities to mitigate their exposure to risk. By providing valid and well documented information tailored to be used by purchasers and commodity managers, Kairos Commodities offers a product that is an essential tool for all procurement officers following a single commodity, or a portfolio of commodities.

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Kairos Commodities provides a unique opportunity for CPOs to position procurement as a prominent value driver and a real opportunity to strengthen the strategic competitiveness of their companies.

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