The overview section consists of a triangle with colours, one representing each element in the analysis, along with three main graphs from the business cycle analysis, the technical analysis and the fundamental analysis.

These provide you with the main information, and a quick overview of the commodity.

The coloured triangle

The top, called Macro, represents the Business cycle analysis, the middle characterizes the Technical analysis with a short- and long-term view, while the bottom covers the seven elements of the Fundamental analysis. Each of these layers is supported by a small version of the main graph in the respective sections.

The colours indicate the current trend or price pressure of each element in our analysis. The red colour illustrates an uptrend or upwards price pressure, while the green colour illustrates a downtrend or downward price pressure. The yellow colour illustrates a sideways trend or that there currently is neither an upward nor downward price pressure. The grey colour is used when there is currently no data available for that specific part of the analysis.

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Next section: Technical Analysis

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