Commodity Market Knowledge

Kairos Commodities provides reliable online analysis and forecast of commodities and currencies to leading global companies.

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Kairos Commodities

Manage commodity exposure

Gain access to commodity market information and forecasts, including comprehensive analysis of supply, demand, cost drivers and inventory levels.

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Webinar: Zinc Price Outlook

Every month, Kairos Commodities hosts a commodity or commodity group specific webinar. On the 6th of August, the topic will be the price outlook for Zinc.

Webinar: A macroeconomy in transition

On Tuesday, the 8th of September at 14:00-15:00 CEST, Kairos Commodities will host a free webinar to present current and expected commodity price developments.

"Kairos Commodities helped align procurement across the company, by standardizing market analyses and commodity risk monitoring"

Kairos Commodities provide companies with the much needed market information – in a well-structured, easy to read manner and always updated – making our clients able to get the right market timing and to minimize their risk exposure. Read about how Kairos Commodities provided value to Atlantic Grupa's procurement department.