Weekly digest

Every Friday at 14:00 CET, our Chief Analyst, Tom Bundgaard, will host a short webinar, which goes through the trend change notifications we have sent out in the past week.

Note: Attendance is only available to subscribers with full access to the forecasting service. Subscribers can register free of charge.


This “weekly digest” generally lasts app. 30 minutes, but the length varies depending on the number of commodities that have seen changes in the past week. Each session briefly explains what our new recommendation and forecast are and why we have changed them.

Each weekly digest will go through the following:

» Overview of this week's changes to forecasts or hedging recommendations.

» Explanation on our updated view of each the commodities that have seen changes to forecasts or hedging recommendations in the past week.


Tom Bundgaard is the Chief Analyst at Mintec, in charge of Commodity Price analysis and forecasting. The practical background is 13 years as Purchasing Manager, buying all kinds of commodities. The theoretical background is a progression of specialization: Academy Economist, a 10-years Mentor-process in Technical Analysis, a MSTA degree from Society of Technical Analysts in London and finally a Master of Financial Technical Analysis from the US.

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The weekly digest takes place every Friday at 14:00 CET.


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