Staying updated on commodity market movements is crucial - and by using Kairos Commodities Report Module, this is made easy.

The Report Module allows users to combine content from all of Kairos Commodities’ solutions, and in just a few clicks, subscribers may select their preferred content and organize it into the desired order.

For anyone who is regularly creating internal reports based on content from Kairos Commodities, this solution saves valuable time, by permitting subscribers to download a fully updated version of the content at regular intervals.

The report can be viewed online and downloaded to PDF or PowerPoint at any time.

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Intermarket analysis - Soft Commodities

There are several approaches to forecast commodity prices. Arguably, the simplest method is to analyze commodities individually, and then make a prediction as to where prices may be heading. While this approach at times may be feasible, it largely ignores the fact that commodity prices are relational and determined by a large variety of different factors. This article analyzes the interrelatedness of agricultural commodities.

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