For companies that have exposure to commodities it is imperative to have access to updated pricing information on key commodities and cost drivers.

Kairos Commodities' online pricing tool simplifies the task of getting relevant commodity price information and enables users to easily create, edit and download price charts.

Users are able to choose from hundreds of commodity price sets, ensuring constant access to updated price information for exactly the type of commodity that is needed. This provides the ability to create market price comparisons across regions, or to compare the market price of a commodity with the developments of the main cost drivers.

The online tool enables users to:

- Select their preferred price set

- Convert units and currency

- Create a chart that fits with user requirements

- Analyze the trends in the price development

- Submit their own price data and evaluate against the market price

The Price Module aids users in their evaluation of supplier prices.

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A tool with a lot of value-added information

“With Kairos Commodities, we have all the relevant information that we need to analyse the behavior of the main commodities that affect our business. It is undoubtedly a tool with a lot of value-added information for us.”

Damm case study

Understanding the commodity fundamentals

Do you remember the developments in the aluminium market from 2006 to 2010? Price changes in excess of 500 USD/mt in the span of a few months were almost the norm during this period. Using classical supply/demand theory on real examples in the aluminium market, Kairos Commodities has investigated what caused the extreme volatility. With input from one of Spain's premier breweries, this article will seek to explore the very fundamental mechanics of commodity markets and highlight some of the warning signals that indicated an imbalance in the market.

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