Client Value

Access to short- and long-term forecasts of commodity price movements, and the ability to apply the appropriate strategy to their management can help create stability in firms’ cost structures. Organizations are equipped to make better decisions on the timing and amounts of purchases and their preparation for negotiations with suppliers and customers is improved. This is a result of the holistic picture we provide on a commodity market, by giving access to past, current and future market conditions.

At the same time, understanding what drives the price commodity is essential for effective budgeting, as it enables firms to make a more accurate assessment of future purchase costs. This in turn allows the marketing and sales function to more accurately estimate and negotiate prices with customers for longer-term commitments while ensuring profitability.

Additionally, a very tangible effect of our services, is that our clients enjoy unparalleled cost saving/avoidance opportunities – in many companies it is in the area of 5-15% of the total commodity purchase.

Moreover, Kairos Commodities’ solution saves customers valuable time, as they no longer have to spend time on finding, collecting and evaluating their sources and rather focus on interpreting and acting. It also serves as a strong tool for key stakeholder communication as it keeps relevant stakeholders updated, without it requiring a lot of resources.

Kairos Commodities typically serves FMCG and industrial manufacturing companies, but also retailers and wholesalers, as we offer reliable market intelligence and forecasts for commodities essential to their manufacturing operations.

Now we base our decisions on facts rather than feelings

"Today each of our commodity managers use this tool to present monthly recommendations to a raw material council in our Group. Now we base our decisions on facts through market trends and chart analyses rather than feelings. Kairos has helped us significantly to utilize market opportunities and avoid risk for the company.”

- Martin Austermann, CPO, Husqvarna Group

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