The Academy Module is an integrated part of the Forecast Module and is focused on optimizing your Kairos Commodities subscription. It offers training and the opportunity to stream all our past webinars. This module can aid in developing a better understanding of how to use Kairos Commodities’ tools to analyze the commodity markets.


The archive consists of all past Weekly Digests as well as Market Outlook Webinars. The Weekly Digest is a weekly walkthrough of all the change notifications hosted by our Chief Analyst every Friday.

The Market Outlook webinars provide insight into future price developments for either a specific commodity or a commodity group. These sessions provide an opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of the commodity presented, whilst providing a chance to see our platform in use.

The archive allows you to easily stream and fast forward to the sections relevant to you.

Check this for upcoming webinars.


The Academy Module also includes access to a series of online tutorials within fundamental, technical and macro analyses, as well as risk management strategy and hedging strategy.

But it goes beyond basic training; it delves into specific areas of market analysis, forecasting and risk management. Staff members can now become specialists within these areas using these tutorials.

The Academy Module serves to boost companies’ capabilities in commodity management as it upgrades users’ understanding within commodity market management in a cost and time efficient manner.

It is also a very flexible tool, which allows companies to easily introduce new staff members to our platform. Companies no longer need to spend time on training new employees in the use of Kairos Commodities’ platform.

Academy increases the value we get from Kairos

"Kairos bring additional expertise into the work we do, as they stack up data from the relevant market indicators when predicting future price developments. The Academy section supports our training in the use of technical and fundamental analyses, which increases our understanding and hence the value we get from Kairos Commodities. Furthermore, the “Weekly Digests” are a very good and informative way to end the week, as they briefly explain any new hedging recommendations and forecasts with insights into why they have been changed."

- Brian Vestergaard, Global Procurement Analyst, Lantmännen

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