Our solution covers the entire commodity markets by reflecting market history, the current market state and an outlook to the future, including hedging recommendations.

Understanding the drivers of commodity markets is the first step in interpreting the developments within the commodity markets.

Our analysts provide a thorough analysis of the production and consumption statistics, the supply and demand balance, inventories, cost drivers, volatility, speculation and price seasonality. Moreover, all analyses present a global overview of market trends and regional information where useful. This is all tied together through a sophisticated regression analysis.

The combination of macro, technical and fundamental analyses enabling our analysts to forecast price developments for the commodity markets, which provides an updated market view and outlook for the customers.

Kairos Commodities provides online access to a market analysis for a wide range of commodities within:

- Metals

- Plastics

- Softs

- Energy

- Currency

- Miscellaneous

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A closer look at the metal market

Commodity markets are, to a certain extent, interrelated and knowledge about events in one market is therefore often relevant for another market. At Kairos Commodities we monitor a wide array of commodity markets and also systematically analyse the various relationships. This article analyzes the dynamics of the metal markets.

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