Forecast, Analysis, Intelligence

Kairos Commodities provides a unique opportunity for CPOs to position procurement as a prominent value driver and a real opportunity to strengthen the strategic competitiveness of their companies.

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Market Intelligence

Receive in-depth supply market analysis of relevant factors, such as supply/demand balance, inventory levels and cost drivers.

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Commodity Price Forecast

Enjoy unparalleled cost saving opportunities through access to price forecasts, enabling you to enter the market with the right timing.

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Price module

Access a charting based tool, which holds pricing information for a wide range of commodities

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Competence Assessment

Conduct formal competence assessment in the area of strategic commodity risk management through leading edge tools.

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Commodity Risk Management

Discover new ways of dealing with the volatility of commodity markets.

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Utilize Kairos Commodities' extensive knowledge in the area of commodities, currencies, risk management and econometrics.

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Receive tailor made training in dealing with commodity markets from leading experts.

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