Create a customized report

The first step in using Reports is to create your first report. Go to the Reports section, and click "Add report".

The report you create will be given a name, based on the date it was created. We recommend that you change the name of your report by clicking on the icon below "Rename".

Add content

After having created a report, you can navigate to one of Kairos Commodities' analyses to add content to your report.

To add content click on the "+"-icon, which is available for charts, conclusions, overviews and tables.

If you have only created one report, the content is added to the report immediately. If you have created more than one report, you must choose which report to use.

Access report content

When content has been added to the report, you can access your report through the "Reports"-section. Click on "View" to view the content online, or click on "Download" to convert the content into a pdf.

Schedule distribution

Click on the "Schedule"-icon to enable automatic distribution of the report. By clicking on the icon, a list of users within your company is generated. Mark those of your colleagues, who should receive the report, and click save. This will automatically generate an updated version of your report once a month (on the 7th of the month), and send an email with a link to a pdf version to each of the users.

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