... we have all the relevant information that we need

“With Kairos Commodities, we have all the relevant information that we need to analyse the behaviour of the main commodities that affect our business. It is undoubtedly a tool with a lot of value-added information for us.”

- Eduard Tenas, Procurement Director, Damm

Read a case study of Damm's use of Kairos Commodities.

"Kairos Commodities helped align procurement across the company, by standardizing market analyses and commodity risk monitoring"

"We have been subscribing to Kairos’ analysis and forecasting service for several years and consider it to be an indispensable tool for making decisions in commodity markets. Kairos deliver deep expertise as well as easy-to-read recommendations, making it a must-have tool for any commodity or category manager."

- Danijel Banek, Executive Director Central Purchasing, Atlantic Grupa

Read a case study of Atlantic Grupa's use of Kairos Commodities.

... easier to convince suppliers to lower the price

" Kairos Commodities help us in the daily operations by giving us a quick overview of volatile markets. The analytical models that Kairos Commodities make use of, in particular the Price expectations, have guided us through many difficult negotiations. When we base our negotiations with suppliers on solid data that forecast a price decline, it is easier to convince our suppliers to lower the price.

My colleagues access Kairos Commodities on a daily basis and this reliance on Kairos Commodities gives my colleagues an advantage in volatile commodity markets."

- Lars Igler, Head of Procurement, Kühlmann GmbH

"Weekly Digests" are a good and informative way to end the week

"Kairos bring additional expertise into the work we do, as they stack up data from the relevant market indicators when predicting future price developments. The Academy section supports our training in the use of technical and fundamental analyses, which increases our understanding and hence the value we get from Kairos Commodities. Furthermore, the “Weekly Digests” are a very good and informative way to end the week, as they briefly explain any new hedging recommendations and forecasts with insights into why they have been changed."

- Brian Vestergaard, Global Procurement Analyst, Lantmännen

Kairos Commodities' webinars help me understand the analyses used and how I can use the analytical models

"Kairos Commodities supply us with valuable knowledge about commodity market conditions. Their market outlook gives useful insights into the coming price developments for a range of commodities. I also appreciate their webinars, which not only help me understand the analyses used, but also show how I can use their analytical models myself."

- Arif Suwadi, Category Procurement Manager Commodities, Friesland Campina

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