Kairos Commodities gives us leverage in our supplier negotiations

“In a fast changing commodity market, it is important to be able to stay updated on the various market indicators and price developments.

Kairos Commodities provides us with invaluable information on the market movements.

With Kairos Commodities, we are able to challenge the analyses made by our suppliers and enter negotiations based on solid evidence of market trends rather than on the supplier’s perspective. This information ensures that we are well equipped for negotiations with our suppliers and provides us with leverage in these negotiations.”

- Poul Koch, Director Group Procurement, Cimbria

... a lot of value-added information for us

"With Kairos Commodities, we have all the relevant information that we need to analyse the behavior of the main commodities that affect our business. It is undoubtedly a tool with a lot of value-added information for us."

- Eduard Tenas Salarich, Purchasing Manager, Grupo DAMM

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