Kairos assists Hansa Borg Breweries in making better decisions

"With Kairos Commodities Hansa Borg Breweries AS has got a valuable tool which supports the decision making process around commodities and makes Hansa Borg Breweries able to make better decisions.

Kairos is a valuable source for information because of its supplier independence and further more as it manages to systematize large amounts of information in a way that is easy for the user to get a quick overview of the different commodity markets."

 - Roar Bjørkeli, Procurement Category Manager, Hansa Borg Breweries AS

Kairos Commodities is a unique tool for buyers

"For some commodities, you will find many sources of information about both historical price development and future price forecasts. For other commodities, the number of sources will be very limited. Unfortunately for the buyers, this information will often be provided by sellers and their organizations.

With Kairos, we buyers have been given a tool which to a great extent provides us with price information from independent sources. At the same time, Kairos is a unique forecasting tool due to the way new and recognized methods for analysis are combined to reach a very high degree of certainty in the forecasts of future price developments for a number of important commodities.

In Nordzucker, we apply Kairos actively when making contracts, especially when deciding when to enter into a contract and for what duration. In addition, Kairos provides us with valuable inputs for the budgeting process in Nordzucker".

- Peter M. Nielsen, Senior Vice President, Corporate Procurement, Nordzucker AG

Kairos Commodities has helped us increase our accuracy in forecasting

“In today's world where prices change faster than ever, it is even more important to be able to forecast the market development right. It is not an easy task, as there are a lot of different views on the future. However, our company expects that we are able to give strong and valid view on the future prices.

Since we started using Kairos Commodities, we have increased our accuracy in forecasting, and we have seen that it has made a big difference.

First of all, our commercial teams have started to come to us to discuss sales strategies based on our views. Secondly, instead of having similar prices as our competitors, we now see price differences in our favor up to 40%!

There is no doubt that Kairos Commodities gives us an extra tool in being better buyers and it also helps us creating competitive advantage to our company”.

- Frank Thorsen, Group Purchasing Director, Findus Group

... a lot of value-added information for us

"With Kairos Commodities, we have all the relevant information that we need to analyse the behavior of the main commodities that affect our business. It is undoubtedly a tool with a lot of value-added information for us."

- Eduard Tenas Salarich, Purchasing Manager, Grupo DAMM

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